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My background


After three years in literary preparatory classes, I joined the Sorbonne University  where I obtained a Master's degree in philosophy.

I accumulated knowledge that I could pass on to others, but did I really learn to think for myself ?

I was capable of reproducing the thoughts of authors on this or that question but not of arguing my own view.

Because deep down I had internalised the idea that my ideas didn't matter, only those of the masters...

I had become a guardian of the temple and not a subject who dared to think for herself 

During a trip to Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, I came across an advertisement for an NGO that was looking for someone to help underprivileged children to think better. I decided to do it, without really knowing how to go about it...

I began to wonder about the difference between teaching philosophy and teaching to philosophize.

 Jean Metzinger, Femme assise, 1919

On this occasion, I discovered the existence of philosophy for children, an educational practice that aims to develop children's critical thinking through philosophical dialogue.

On my return to France, I trained in the practice of philosophy with children with Johanna Hawken and joined her team at the Maison de la Philosophie (The Philosophy House). Then, I trained in the practice of Socratic dialogue with the Institute of Philosophical Practices of Oscar Brenifier and Isabelle Millon with whom I now collaborate. 

Intervention à la Maison de l'Unesco, novembre 2022

Today, through my workshops and training courses, I am keen to pass on to children and adults the pleasure of playing with our thoughts

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